Fuse Minerals is an exploration company focused on discovering mineral resources to support our future economy

Our strategy is what sets us apart from many exploration companies. It is a strategy designed to deliver short, medium, and long-term growth.

To meet the rapidly increasing demand for resources essential in the clean energy transition, established miners are starting to consider where they will be mining in ten, twenty, or thirty years from now. Fuse Minerals has developed a strategy, supported by the right projects and the right team, aimed at supplying tier 1 mining companies with the deposit discoveries they need to build the mines of the future.

The Fuse Minerals team is lead by a group of experienced geologists and supported by members who bring extensive governance and corporate experience. Fuse Minerals has three prospective projects in copper, gold, silver, lead, and zinc. These projects are located in geological settings that can support the company's strategy

Fortuitously located in Western Australia between the Nifty, Woodie Woodie, Telfer, Havieron, and Winu. This is an area well recognised and tenure is secure.
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Situated on the complex boundary of two major tectonic units of Western Australia – the Proterozoic Gascoyne Province and the Palaeozoic Carnarvon Basin
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Featuring three Copper/Gold Projects located  in the Isaac region of Central Queensland. Mineralisation associated with copper & gold bearing cretaceous granodioritic intrusions (with historical copper mining) within the Bowen Basin sediments.
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About our flagship
Mt Sydney project

Prospective geological settings surrounded by, existing mines and development projects, with limited exploration

History dominated by early-stage gold focused exploration or piecemeal work programmes before the 2017 VTEMmax survey. Multi-element rock chip samples generated positive base metal assays, yet there has been just 1,106m of drilling across the entire project

Woodie Woodie Manganese Mine to the west and Nifty Copper Mine to the east. Rumble Resources at Braeside and Warroo along strike to the north, in similar geology, have had ore grade drill results testing VTEM conductors. 1,300km VTEMmax survey flown in late 2017 for Tando Resources, identified >17 conductor targets – all remain untested by drilling.

Rock chip data suggests 5 targets additional to multiple VTEM conductors. With potential for magmatic Cu-Ni indicated by 4.5 x 1.1km coincident magnetic and conductive response in mafic rocks, plus malachite gossans in gabbro.

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